Start your Sunday morning right! At 8:00 AM we serve an Irish breakfast at Camelot that will keep you going throughout the day!

Quest Starters

Collection Plate ~ 11.95

3 beer battered chicken tenders, drunken mushrooms, potato skins & mozzarella sticks, served with their appropriate dipping sauces.

Irish Nachos ~ 8.95

Deep fried thick-sliced potato slices topped with bacon, corned beef, cheddar cheese & scallions served with sweet pepper sour cream.


Drunken Mushrooms ~ 6.95

A heaping pile of beer battered mushrooms served with peppercorn ranch dressing for dipping.


Buffalo Chicken Dip ~ 9.95

A mixture of chicken, bleu cheese, cream cheese & seasonings served bubbling hot with fried flour tortilla chips.


Spinach & Artichoke Dip ~ 8.95 V

A house blend of fresh spinach, artichoke hearts, herbs & cheeses served bubbling hot with Parmesan crostini.


Dragon Wings or Talons ~ 8.95 

Fried chicken wings or beer battered all white meat
tenders tossed with your choice of four sauces – Mild, Hot, Dragon or Cider.

Scotch Eggs ~ 7.95

Two hard-boiled eggs wrapped in seasoned sausage meat, breaded & browned. Ask your served for some Coleman’s Mustard or Apple Chutney.


Adams Rib Appetizer ~ 8.95  

A tasty sampling of our St. Louis style pork ribs tossed in Jameson’s BBQ sauce.


Black & Tan Onion Rings ~ 9.95 v

Deep-fried Bass & Guinness battered onion rings served in a basket with BBQ sauce.


Chicken Finger Basket ~ 9.95

Beer battered chicken tenders over a heaping pile of French fries. Served with honey mustard or sweet & sour sauce.


Guinness & Bacon Mussels ~ Market Price 

1 Pound of native mussels cooked with bacon, butter & Guinness, served with Parmesan crostini for dipping.

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